Brad Sell's figurative works reflect the human form.

Sells has a passion for carving the human form.

His figurative works have developed to include some of the same visual elements present in his vessel forms. The most recent styles include the ballet-inspired On Point series and the totem-inspired Phurba series. (Phurba: a dagger-like object used to keep away evil spirits.)


Museums & Collections

Brad Sells’ striking sculptural works are held in the collections of 11 national and regional museums and galleries. Click for More

Public Commissions

Brad Sells' sculptural works commissioned for public display. Click for More

Vessel Forms

In terms of form, Sells feels vessels can be more challenging than carving a figure. Click for More


Brad has always had a passion for carving the human form. Click for More


Sells’ visionary take on functional and sculptural wood furniture represents a wealth of textures, tones, form and balance. Click for More
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