Tree Safari Documentaries

Tree Safari South Africa: A Sculptural Journey, 2006

23 BSells portfolio3
Ember, White Cat Whiskers, 7″L x 7″ x 5″H, 2006

In the winter of 2006, Sells traveled to South Africa to work with salvaged, sustainably harvested woods. These included prized Red Ivory and, the nearly vanished, White Cat Whiskers; both salvaged in the bush north of Johannesburg.
This safari was documented by award-winning filmmaker Todd Jarrell and evolved into the first Tree Safari shown to the world via PBS.


Tree Safari Hawaii: The Koa Connection, 2007

39 BSells portfolio3
Ode to Okeefe, Koa, 32″L x 18″W x 26″H, 2008

The Koa Connection came in 2007 and was Brad’s second Tree Safari documentary and collection.
Through a special permit granted by Hawaii Homelands, Rare Koa wood from fallen trees was salvaged by Sells from the area of volcano Mauna Kea.
Additional blocks of wood were located in the town of Kona, in more residential settings.
The documentary, also produced by Todd Jarrell, aired on PBS and can now be seen on Netflix or ordered online.


Visit for an in-depth view of the Tree Safari experience.


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